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Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, having access to a multi-cultural metropolis, naturally by osmosis, my music be slightly influenced as such. Dealing, since birth, with atresia to the right ear never diminished my crave for good music.  Thanks largely to the credit of James Brown, Earth Wind & Fire, the 80s DIsco & Funk and Rock & Roll, Jazz greats like Coltrane, Byrd, Ellington, et. al,  Motown, Grover Washington Jr., Aretha Franklin, David Bowie, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Bob James and many more icons, I have endured the great challenges of those times in the "hood" Their music lifted me up when I felt down.  I seemed to have persevered with a resilience that can only be due to my creative skills and talents Blessed on me by the Almighty Highest! Yea! So be a part of the growth process--see my five-year goals here and become a supporting patron by visiting www.Patreon.com/Shakur
 From the uplifting rock rhythms to the down right raunch funk, let me offer you memorable music that will time after time bring you love, excitement, courage and motivation. Triumph on the wings of building a niche, I release my Debut CD "Watch Over Me". Politically charged, it takes you on a theatrical journey from ghetto conditions to war, and those behind them both. Look out for my forthcoming CDs--
  • A Better Way
  • Fantasy
  • Dance Shak
  • Valentine Heart
  • Memories of Maui
  • Sax In Bed
  • Not A Word.
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