I am the Promoter, the Promotee, the one who Guides you to Just Be

Singer/Song Writer
Sound Engineer
Alto & Soprano Sax
Pan Pipes
Korg Triton LE
ProTools 12 & Consule 3
Mac & Windows OS

The ambition of creating a great musical empire begin back in 2010 and has been the core of my enthusiasm ever since. I wish to invite you to keep in touch through my community-based collaborative style of creating music. Yes, I offer the opportunity for you to participate by sending your comments and questions about a particular song and/or video production. With my  music company I also invite folks with instrumental, vocal or other talents related to the music industry to join me. With your help we'll have the whole world singing and dancing. Let your Spirits show!!
About ... hmm.  How can I share my crave to travel the world? Fuse that with my love of music and the Perfect Storm has forged.
I started learning the alto saxophone at Boys High School in 1974 and have since been with it on and off. I've always loved music and, after raising our two lovely children, I was  afforded time to take a professional and full time attitude. Through my company Shak Da House Productions I will be streaming and offering lots of musical goodies.
  • 2 years at Mannes College of Music (theory and sax performance)
  • Self taught on keyboards and percussions
  • Jazz, R&B, Funk, Classical, Soul, and Raggae - major genres
  • Gigged in New York clubs, House Parties, neighborhood street venues and Picnics...Puerto Rico, St. Croix, NY, NJ, Philadelphia, Maui, and Guangzhou (Contact me at Music@WaliShakur.com )
  • Available nation wide (and wishish to do Europe). You can help. Submit your information on the contact page and I'll show you how.
  • $1000 per hour,  depending on venue
  • Band equipment included; stage sound/light s/b supplied by venue
  • Music and entertainment provided Non-profit events
  • Let me play for you in your area; be my special  guest backstage
    Please visit at www.shakdahousemusic.com   where we'll have lots of helpful articles that will assist you in understanding my dreams!